Enhanced Taste

Smoking Fish on a Boucanier‘Smoked foods’ conjures up images of delicate smoked salmon and rich smoked hams.

The history of smoking foods can be traced back to cave dwellers who flavoured their hanging meat with the smoke of their fires. When the first Europeans arrived on this continent, they survived with the help of American natives who taught them the art of seasoning and preserving foods by the smoking process.

The Scottish have smoked fish such as kippers, haddock and Arbroath smokies since the Middle Ages. And in the late 19th century, Eastern European Jews introduced their subtle smoked salmon to the West.

Smoked Spices from Smoke Fine Foods

SMOKE brings the outdoors taste indoors, year round.

When deciding which of our SMOKE products to try, let your imagination flow. Smoke enhances the taste of all foods. Add the flavour of your favorite smoked spice to dips, stews, soups, meat, fish and vegetable dishes.

Whether you are a working parent or a kitchen professional lacking the time to smoke your own, the ideas on our Recipes Page will help start you on your adventure. And if you have any great ideas, please share them with us.

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